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Favorite male character: Demi-Fiend
Favorite female character: Chiaki
Favorite ship: I don't really ship from Nocturne, but if I had to pick... Isamu/Chiaki? I just don't see either of them romantically with Demi-Fiend and there's not a lot of possible ships in this canon.
Favorite friendship: Demi-Fiend/Chiaki/Isamu BroT3.
Worst character death: Isamuuuuuuuuuu
This made me so happy you have no idea moment: The Neutral/Human/Freedom ending. Just everyone being alive and happy.
Saddest Moment: Yeah probably Isamu's death. Just... him utterly defeated, and then the camera pulls back to see his face on Noah crying tears of Magatsuhi. I might have actually teared up myself.
Favorite location: Hmmm. Probably the Labyrinth of Amala.

Strange Journey
Favorite male character: Jimenez
Favorite female character: Does Louisa count? If not, then Chen. (Irving's assistant.) Zelenin was alright before she got tortured and went batshit crazy...
Favorite ship: Protag/Jimenez
Favorite friendship: Again, Protag/Jimenez. I like them as either an OTP or BroTP.
Worst character death: Having only played Chaos path, I'd actually have to say Arthur. Which surprised me.
This made me so happy you have no idea moment: There are happy moments in SJ? Okay no I kid I kid. I'd have to say... how kind and protective Jimenez is with Bugaboo. For a character initially made out to be an ass, that was a good way of bringing out his softer side. Louisa's verbal smackdown on Mastema gets honorable mention.
Saddest Moment: I'd say... the thing with Gore and Arthur. He'd been pretty chill and then randomly attacking you because you didn't share his ideals? And then Arthur being killed as well because Gore had linked with him? I was not happy then.
Favorite location: Horologium. Probably the amateur geologist talking there. The volcanic look and the giant chasms? That was awesome.

Digital Devil Saga 1
Favorite male character: Heat
Favorite female character: Right now I'd have to say Jinana... but Argilla and Sera are both very close to claiming that spot, so we'll see what happens next.
Favorite ship: Heat/Serph/Sera OT3 FIGHT ME.
Favorite friendship: Embryon comrades BroT6.
Worst character death: Jinanaaaaa, Lupaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;_;
This made me so happy you have no idea moment: Heat's comrade speech. Just... aldjfklsdj so wonderful. Also killing Bat for good gets honorable mention here; VENGEANCE.
Saddest Moment: Lupa dying, asking Gale to take care of his son for him.
Favorite location: Hmmm. Probably the Embryon base. A small city build into the side of a chasm? That's awesome! Really geologically unsafe, but awesome. And I don't think geology is exactly very active in the Junkyard...

Digital Devil Saga 2
Favorite male character: Heat
Favorite Female Character: Jenna Angel. Sera is a very close second though.
Favorite Ship: Still Heat/Serph/Sera OT3. Also Heat/Seraph which is basically another version of the same thing... I also love Gale/Jenna and Roland/Argilla.
Favorite Friendship: Embryon BroT8 now (Roland and Fred count and I will fight anyone that says otherwise.)
Worst Character Death: Where do I even start? Probably Heat's though. Just. Right in the feels. Every time. All it takes is the phrase "sad, bitter crying" to make me tear up. ;_;
This made me so happy you have no idea moment: Reincarnated happy ending. Also everyone reuniting within the sun.
Favorite Location: Hmmmmm. The sun was super pretty. The second trip to the EGG was also a fun dungeon because I have a weird fascination for body horror. Even if I felt like I'd been punched in the gut when I got to Vritra.
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